BLID Chat Logger

This is a client-side script that stores the names of the players you talk to, as well as their BLID and messages in a file system located in /config/

Event for Detecting Item

This is a server-side script that allows you to set up a conditional with Blockland's event system in order to check the item on a given block.

Script for Exporting a List of Bricks

A script that lets you create a txt file with every type of brick of each color and of each amount. To be used with a means of obtaining actual legos to mirror a Blockland build.

Pet Mod

A script that lets you spawn models of pets with basic AI functionality. Run /PetHelp for list of commands.

Respawn with Items

A script that makes it so items you are terminated with persist when you respawn.

Server Tools

A series of commands that help with server administration. Run /sthelp for list of commands.

Default Colorset Extended

The default colorset with a grayscale, brownscale, and some terrain colors.